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Basic income versus nations

A basic income is a response to the idea that modern society can no longer provide a viable* job for every member.

As this Great Recession grinds on with no real end in site and very large problems looming the conversation about a basic income has been bubbling up and the structural reasons why we might need one being gone over.

The argument can be simplified to this.

Then it branches off down two paths



So, you get to pick whichever one you find more compelling.

I think the idea of a basic income is great. Probably necessary. But I have no idea how it could be implemented piecemeal around the world without failing horribly.

Countries do not exist in isolation. Would a country with a basic income have to close its borders? Or would it have openish borders but make becoming a citizen incredibly hard? But doing that would would negate the whole point of a basic income in the first place.

It is a great idea that is probably doomed to fail until we have some kind of global governance structure in place.

* A viable job being one that is above subsistence, or plain slavery.

Hansel - 17/07/2013